How To Get More Listeners on SoundCloud

Getting more listeners on SoundCloud can seem like a hustle. We all dislike the feeling when we’ve put so much work into our music project and when we finally upload it, the feedback we receive is not what we hoped for.

The important thing is that you don’t let it discourage you. In most cases it’s not your music’s fault but the way you distribute it. Here are some tips to get more listeners on SoundCloud and have your work heard. 

Clean Up Your SoundCloud Page 

Your SoundCloud page is what represents your work. It’s important to be organized and mistake-free. Go through it and correct any spelling mistakes you can find. It will look good if you add capitalized letters where it is applicable. It should be as representative as a handed CV to a job you really wanted.

Take the time to write a short bio where you tell your audience who you are in a subtle way. Afterward, make sure everything is tagged and labeled correctly. Then you can add your social media links. All of these are important, especially if a major label executive was to view your page.

After you’ve done these things, go through your profile and see if you have an old project still hanging from before that doesn’t apply to your current skills. You don’t need those and it’s best to remove them. What you need is something that displays recent work or work you’re extremely proud of.  

And lastly, your SoundCloud page is nothing without eye-catching images. The graphics you put there should reflect and capture the whole mood of your productions. If you don’t do or like graphics, you can always post photos but for those, you should make sure they’re professionally taken or are at least very good quality.

How to Get Noticed in SoundCloud itself 

A lot of producers say that the follow/unfollow method works really well on SoundCloud. To be honest, this method works everywhere, especially on Twitter, and it’s the most obvious one. Find people similar to what you do and start following them. 

You can follow a huge amount of people on SoundCloud, just don’t make it more than 2000 or you will get banned. A good percentage of those will follow you back. In a few days, you can unfollow the ones who didn’t follow you back and repeat the action again.

Another way to get noticed is by commenting on recently uploaded. Search through the recently uploaded music for people similar to what you do and start commenting on their work. Honest comments with genuine feedback always work and will inspire the same response (it also won’t hurt if the people you’re commenting on have a huge number of followers).

Another popular way to get noticed is by tags. Yes, put as many tags as you can! A good idea is to add moods and a location to your tags because people often search by those. But what you shouldn’t do is put in your tags multiple genres. Stick to only one – your own! Adding many genres to your tags has proved to be useless and is often confusing for people who are searching for a specific type of music.

In addition, there is an idea I’d like to offer which you can implement on your SoundCloud page. You can comment on your own waveform on purpose to tell a story. It can be in the form of telling the story of how you made that specific beat. For example, you can comment on different parts of it and say how much time this part took you to produce, where you were while you were doing another part of the beat, what inspired you for the end of the song, etc.

Also, consider submitting your tracks to SoundCloud groups. There are a few that have more than 100, 000 members. If you post your work in groups like these, there is a huge chance you will get many new listeners and new followers.

A very awesome idea: run a mix series.

It could be a monthly or weekly series where you record the mixes yourself or you ask similar producers to deliver a mix for you.

This way you can have your followers always expecting something new from you, which will get them engaged and hooked to your music.

How to Lead People to Your SoundCloud Page from Outside 

Leading people to your SoundCloud page from outside of SoundCloud should also be on your to-do list.

If you haven’t yet, start collecting email addresses. There are many ways to collect leads. You can read more on it here.

Once you have a good amount of leads, it’s a good idea to start sending your audience updates in the form of newsletters. You can do this for each new track release. Usually, sending out emails is about giving your audience an additional value. Brainstorm about what this could be for your followers. The most famous additional value you can give in the music industry is usually a Free Download link for your latest release.

Another way to lead people to your SoundCloud page is by posting music on forums, Facebook groups and on Reddit. You should find your audience right where they discuss what they love (in your case this is music) and bump into the conversation there. For your field of work, Reddit is a very popular channel. 


What you’re doing is a one-man job but you should remember that there are others in the same shoes you’re in. Find an artist in your genre whose music you really enjoy and who, by any chance, has a similar online presence to yours. This is in the form of similar follower number, similar plays or similar email list size. 

If you really enjoy their music, there is a huge chance your fans will also love their music and the other way around for his fans.

Once you have your eyes on this artist, connect with him and offer him to trade promotions. You can, for example, repost each other’s tracks on SoundCloud or include each other’s tracks in the newsletters you send out to your audience.

This is basically the next step after you start off good on SoundCloud.

Paid solutions 

There are also many paid ways to get noticed on SoundCloud. The most obvious way is Facebook ads. Target carefully your audience and you should be off to a good start with Facebook ads. They generate a lot of traffic to wherever you want your listeners to land. Overall, play with your Facebook Page. You’ll find interesting methods to promote there such as offers or sponsored posts.

Another very famous and paid solution to get more listeners is SoundCloud Plays. How does it work? In their own words: they attract an army of listeners to your track to increase plays, boost social proof and make you more popular.


So, this is how you can get more listeners on SoundCloud. If you’re just starting, don’t jump to the paid options just yet. Try out all the other ways and you will find it’s not so hard to get noticed on SoundCloud. Once you can afford to pay for a bigger audience, start promoting yourself.

Good luck and may the SoundCloud listeners just keep on comin’!

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