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We are live!

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After months of thinking, planning and working on our website and vocal sample packs, we are finally live! We can't express how happy and excited we are turning a dream into reality.

We had the idea of having our own vocal sample pack store a few years back after many friends and fellow producers were asking us for vocals (as we were performing artists at the time with some local success). We did launch our site back then, but we actually did not have the time to put enough effort into developing it as a reliable source of quality vocal samples.

This time, we are giving all of our time and energy for and we hope that you will enjoy the result of our efforts and most importantly - our vocals will help boost your creativity to produce amazing tracks.

We launch our vocal sample pack store with a few vocal sample packs for you and a lot more in mind for future releases:

The "Lovely Vocals" sample pack

Our latest creation we entirely recorded at our home. This sample pack consists of 13 full-song royalty-free vocals, which include the elements you need to tell a story with your song. It is in a love theme with vocals in different tempos and keys.

See what is included here.

The "All Vocals" sample pack

This is our very first sample pack we released when we were starting out a couple of years ago. We still find lots of value in it and now we are trying to reveal its full potential. It consists of different vocal elements you can use to either create vocal melodies or use our choruses for your build-ups or other parts of your tracks.

Hear previews here.

The "Vocals Starter" sample pack

Another new addition to our vocal sample pack collection. The samples were recorded a couple of years ago, but never released. In this vocal sample pack, we packed up a handful of vocal samples to get you started.

See what's inside here.

The Bundle Pack - 3 in 1

For those of you who want to get all of our vocal sample packs at a good price we created the Bundle Pack - 3 in 1, which includes all of the three sample packs above for only $30. You get 1.5+ GB of royalty-free vocal samples.

Check it out here.

Free Vocal Sample Packs:


What's next?

We have a few things in the works:

  • We will be soon working on our next vocal sample pack, which will have the essentials for building vocal melodies - in progress
  • We have already started active work on our blog, where we will be featuring artists, who are using our vocal samples, and sharing articles about music and vocal production - articles are regularly being released
  • We are working on building acoustic panels for our studio to significantly improve the quality of the recordings - partially done and still in progress
  • We are currently actively gathering feedback in an effort to improve the quality and contents of our vocal samples. Let us know what you think. - in progress
  • Continue sending free vocal samples to our mailing list - in progress


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