USED: Harricane - "I like to challenge myself with vocals"

In our blog series "USED" we are featuring established as well as upcoming artists and producers, who are using our vocal samples.

In today's post, we talk to Harricane - a deep house music producer from South Africa. He's the youngest artist we've interviewed so far. He shares how he found out that challenging himself is what brings the best results.

In one of his latest tracks - "Can you hear me", he is using a vocal, which comes with our "Bundle Pack - 3 in 1".

You can hear it on SoundCloud: 



Producer: Harricane (South Africa)

Producing For: 2 years (he started out when he was 13)

DAW: FL Studio

Describe your music genre in your own words: 

I try to be as different as possible, a nice calm intro with a good hitting drop. I make quite a lot of Deep house and am trying new ideas for some future house recently.

Website | SoundCloud

Did you have a single life event that got you into music production or did it happen gradually? Tell us more about how you started making music.

I really loved EDM music and saw that Jay Hardway put a video on how he made Wake Up and that made me want to make music. After I got started I just really loved it and continued the dream of mine.

Do you think growing up in your location helped shape your music style in any way? Tell us more about the local scene, your early influences and what kind of music do you like to listen to yourself.

Yes because in South Africa deep house is really big and that made me change to a deeper vibe when I produced. 

How often do you find time to produce music and do you consider music the dream path of your life? Do you mix and master all your songs yourself?

I try finding time when I am not busy with school, maybe a few times a week.

I mix my own songs, I try to master my songs as best I can but if I can’t master the song myself I use an online mastering service.

Can you name your top 3 plugins for editing audio you use the most?

Fruity Limiter, Fruity Parametric EQ2, and Maximus.

If you could give a single piece of advice for music production to your younger self what that would be? (Or what do you consider as one of the most important lessons you have learned about making music since you have started?)

Don’t rush with anything, take your time and try to do the best you can with everything.

How often do you use vocal samples in your tracks and what kind of vocals do you usually search for and enjoy using?

Very often, I sometimes use the stock plugins or I now would use the vocal samples sent me.

Do you have a specific process for editing vocals in particular or plug-ins you always use for that purpose?

I put it through a plugin called Newtone, so that I can change the note and melody of the sample to my liking then I add reverb and delay plus EQ, I just add certain plugins so that I like the vocals and I am happy with them in the mix.

How did you process the vocal sample/s in your “Can You Hear Me” song? Please share as many details as possible on any plugins or techniques you used.

I took 3 different samples from the sample pack gave me and simply chopped them up to match the timing and rhythm of the song. I put them through Newtone to change the melody and pitch manually. I then took all the bad frequencies out such as the bass and added reverb and delay.

What did you like about working with our vocal samples?

They are free to use and diverse.

I like to challenge myself with vocals and have fun with messing around to find the right sound I enjoy.

Do you see yourself as a music artist touring and playing your music live, or rather staying in the studio and producing music for other people?

I want to start performing my music so that I can create the vibe and control the evening by simply playing my music.

Do you have any upcoming releases in the plans? Have you considered releasing an EP or even an album? Tell us more on what’s next for you.

I definitely have new releases. I have a featured singer in my next release coming out soon. I have thought about an Ep maybe in a while from now because I just finished to bangers.

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