USED - Schnichelson - "It took a long and frustrating road but since 3 years I have been just doing music and living from the earnings."

In our blog series "USED" we are featuring established as well as upcoming artists and producers, who are using our vocal samples. In today's post we talk to Dennis Shnichels - an amazing producer from Hamburg, Germany, who is already making a living off music. He goes by the artist name Schnichelson and is already cooking up stuff with major music production brands like Native Instruments. Learn more about him and his production techniques below.

Dennis Schnichels

Producer: Schnichelson (Hamburg, Germany)

Producing For: 8 years

DAW: Ableton

Describe your music genre in your own words:

Urban Electronic Music

Website | Beats Store | Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud

Did you have a single life event that got you into music production or did it happen gradually?

Listening to music was always a very important thing for me.

There was no special event that got me into production but a big role played my older brother. He bought FL Studio 7 back in 2007 and I was very impressed by all the crazy stuff he did with it. His biggest musical influences were all the rough „Dirty South“ and „Diplomats“ stuff which was very unknown in Germany at this time.

It didn't take much time that I was influenced by this.

Do you think growing up in your location helped shape your music style in any way?

Yes, I'm living in a big city. We have a very big local scene and I have a lot of friends who also doing the production stuff. The biggest inspiration for me are the different type of people who are living in Hamburg. I know a lot of creative and passionate people who аре making different types of music. That is great.

How often do you find time to produce music and do you consider music the dream path of your life? Do you mix and master all your songs yourself?

I do music everyday.

I am a professional record producer and I am very thankful for this. It took a long and frustrating road but since 3 years I have been just doing music and living from the earnings.

Yes, I mix and master all by myself.

Can you name your top 3 plugins for editing audio you use the most?

  • Virtual Mix Rack by Steven Slate
  • Verbsuite by Steven Slate
  • UAD Antares Autotune Realtime

If you could give a single piece of advice for music production to your younger self what that would be?

Be patient.

How often do you use vocal samples in your tracks and what kind of vocals do you usually search for and enjoy using?


Most times I'm looking for unique timbres - like an instrument I've never heard before. Sometimes it is a simple texture in the background and sometimes it is the main instrument of the song.

Do you have a specific process for editing vocals in particular, or plug-ins you always use for that purpose?

When I found a good vocal samples I'm loading it into sampler like „Native Instruments Kontakt 5“, Abletons „Simpler“ or „Native Instruments Maschine“. After this, I'm playing with the key of the sample and make it more special with a load of Antares Autotune.

Then I re-sample the whole thing and load the new sample back in the sampler. After this I'm just playing around until I have a own unique lead sound, texture, vocal shot etc.

How did you process the vocal sample/s in the (unfinished) beat, where you used vocals from our "Vocals Starter" sample pack? 



This was the chain: Sample VS_90_Shine your light -> Abletons Sampler -> Antares Autotune  -> Verbsuite  -> Abletons Redux ->  Resampling  ->  Abletons Sampler   ->   Abletons Distortion -> Verbsuite

The most important thing is to find the right key. The rest depends on the own flavor.

Do you see yourself as a music artist touring and playing your music live, or rather staying in the studio and producing music for other people?

Both :)

Do you have any upcoming releases in the plans? Have you considered releasing an EP or even an album? Tell us more on what’s next for you.

There will be two Eps I did for other artists in the next months. Genre: German Rap :)

Additionally in cooperation with Native Instruments I have very special event next month!




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