USED - TYC Beats - "Don’t take the process of making music too seriously, you must have fun, it is not a job."

In our blog series "USED" we are featuring established as well as upcoming artists and producers, who are using our vocal samples. In today's post we talk to Nizibone Dilinga - a talented producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He goes by the name of Trust Your Confidence Beats or TYC Beats and he has been using samples from our free vocal sample packs and is now an owner of the "All Vocals" and the "Vocals Starter". You can check his social profiles below and learn more about his production techniques and music passion.

Producer: TYC Beats (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Producing For: 1 year and 7 months

DAW: Protools for Mixing and Mastering. Fruity Loops (FL Studio) for making beats because it’s faster and user- friendly.

Describe your music genre in your own words:

I do mainly Hip Hop/Boombap and Trap/Trap Soul, that Toronto sound but mixed with my African Language, isiXhosa. On the side I do Gqom – It is a South African Genre that was started in Durban and became popular all over the country. It is a raw dance music blueprint with a polyrhythmic bustle - part broken beat, part chrome-plated synth menace. I also do a little bit of Deep House and Afro Beats.

SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Audiomack

Did you have a single life event that got you into music production or did it happen gradually? Tell us more about how you started making music.

I started making beats from a very young age. It all started from banging tables in my class room and I used to beat box in rap cyphers. Back then I didn’t know about any DAW or had any excess to a studio. I developed my skills from hearing different genres of music from my family, friends and the drug dealers who lived opposite my mom’s house. Fast forward years later I studied Sound Engineering which was the same year I started making my own beats/music, in 2016.

"I disconnected from everyone for the whole year (2016-2017) when I got a hold of FL Studio. My goal was to get my music to sound right, 6 months later my beats were selling."

I lost many friends in the process but I gained respect from students and artists who bought the beats. Doing that was a double-edge sword, it took 6 months to make phenomenal beats but I sacrificed the whole year without spending time with my family or having a romantic relationship with any girl.

Do you think growing up in your location helped shape your music style in any way? Tell us more about the local scene, your early influences and what kind of music do you like to listen to yourself.

My mother comes first on this one. She played Gospel music in her car every morning when she sent me to school. My favorite album was & still “Worship in His Presence” by Benjamin Dube. My older cousin (Linge) and the dealers, who lived opposite my mom’s house, introduced Hip Hop to me, not because I was hanging with the dealers but they were throwing parties every weekend and their music was playing out loud. Linge (older cousin) on the other hand had the swag, the accent (slang), magazines and the latest (Jay Z & Kanye West) albums. I grew up thinking I will be his producer one day because he used to rap and he is the reason I write my own songs.

How often do you find time to produce music and do you consider music the dream path of your life? Do you mix and master all your songs yourself?

In 2016 – 2017 I used to spend all my time in the Academy of Sound Engineering because they had all the equipment I needed to produce. Later I dropped out, so I have all the time that I need.

This is my main job, I eat, sleep, write and talk music.

I just hope I’ll find a girl who have the same interest, I want to end up like Apo&Nevena. I mix and master my own music.

Can you name your top 3 plugins for editing audio you use the most?

Gross Beat – For making the audio half speed or adding dope stutters on the song. (Ear candy)

Slicex – For cutting & chopping samples.

EchoBoy – For adding delays and reverbs.

If you could give a single piece of advice for music production to your younger self what that would be? (Or what do you consider as one of the most important lessons you have learned about making music since you have started?)

"Don’t take the process of making music too seriously, you must have fun, it is not a job."

Important lesson I’ve learnt is to find balance between relationships and work.

How often do you use vocal samples in your tracks and what kind of vocals do you usually search for and enjoy using?

It depends on the type of beat I make. I don’t use them all the time, I just like to challenge myself and create something out of nothing. I enjoy female vocal samples the most.

Do you have a specific process for editing vocals in particular, or plug-ins you always use for that purpose?

Slicex and Gross Beats are the best plugins I use the most. Mixing vocals comes easy for me, it’s all about cleaning up your vocals with an EQ, if they are badly recorded, compression, stereo widener, if needed, etc. It all depends on the style/genre. I like creativity, that’s why I don’t go by the rules although I studied in the Sound Engineering School.

How did you process the vocal sample/s in your “I See You Everywhere” track that’s part of our free vocal sample pack? Please share as much details as possible on any plugins or techniques you used.

I used FL Keys to create minor chords, bounced them out on a new track and then I reversed them. When you reverse chords sometimes they don’t sound right or they become off beat, so I had to chop them up with SliceX, in which the outcome was good. I layered the reversed chords with a vocal sample by I tuned the vocals to be in key with the chords, copied the same vocals on two different tracks, than I pitched one an octave higher and another one an octave lower. I stretched and chopped the copied vocals to be in sync with the song. I used Low Pass Filter and High Pass Filters with Fruity EQ to cut out frequencies I didn’t like. I used fade in/out to prevent popping. I created basic drums which are influenced by the OVO Sound and layered a nice bass. I don’t like songs or beats that are too repetitive, that’s why I take arranging beats seriously. Proper arrangement can make a boring beat sound amazing, with all the ear candy and surprises. I finally added crazy FL ping pong delays and reverb because the vocals and chords were sounding too dry.

Do you see yourself as a music artist touring and playing your music live, or rather staying in the studio and producing music for other people?

Yes I do. I am a music artist who’s looking forward to touring the world and make other people dance to my music.

"I’ve been producing for other artists for a year and I even gave some of them free beats but now in 2018, its time for Trust Your Confidence Beats to shine."

Do you have any upcoming releases in the plans? Have you considered releasing an EP or even an album? Tell us more on what’s next for you.

Yes I am going to drop a project this year. It is called BE LIKE THE SUN which is a mantra I use every day, just like Trust Your Confidence. It is my first mixtape/EP. It will feature Slur, Knowledge, Dominic and Raidex. I will drop it before the year ends.


Do you want to get featured? Send us a track you have created using our vocal samples and we will consider featuring it in our blog. Bundle Pack - Original Vocal Samples

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  • TYC Beats on

    Thank You Sandiso :). I will keep going bro !!

  • Sandiso Matole on

    Your work rate and dedication to your goals is phenomenal and inspirational. Go forth and may God bless your hustle brother✊🏿.

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